The DeFrancesco Brothers, Joey & Johnny, Jazz, Blues

With roots in the Philadelphia music scene, the name "DeFrancesco" has become synonymous with some groovin', greasy music with the Hammond B3 at its core.

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The genetics started with the grandfather of the DeFrancesco brothers – a wonderful big band saxophone player. His son, Papa John, decided on the Hammond organ. He listened and learned the music and grooves of all the famous organ cats, many originally from the Philly area. His sons, John and Joey, by osmosis, grew up listening to the old man's records. When their young minds and souls were a clean piece of paper, the sounds of Jimmy Smith and Jack McDuff were being etched in.

photo: DeFrancesco BrothersAs the sons grew older, Joey continued learning everything there was to know about jazz and the Hammond B3 – the players, the repertoire, etc. John, being a guitar player, continued learning more about the blues, and was also heavily influenced by rock players such as Jimi Hendrix. Both John and Joey have been true to their musical interests, yet occasionally you would find the two of them together on a track here and there on a Papa John album, but those teasers were all you got.

This is the first project that double-bills the DeFrancesco brothers and showcases eight burnin' tunes that get back to their Philly roots. Their long-time multi-talented friend and recording engineer, Glenn Ferracone, adds his skills behind the drums but it is Glenn's recording approach that makes this album a sonic gem. By the way, all tracks were first takes so when you hear these guys live, it'll sound like this!

—Brad Townsend

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The DeFrancesco Brothers on Vectordisc Records

The DeFrancesco Brothers album cover artBuy The DeFrancesco Brothers as an album and as individual tracks to download.

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This album features Joey DeFrancesco, Hammond B3 organ and vocals; Johnny DeFrancesco, guitar and vocals; and Glenn Ferracone, drums.

I Saw It Comin' album cover artThe Johnny DeFrancesco Power Trio

I Saw It Comin' by the Johnny DeFrancesco Power Trio is available on CD Baby and Amazon and iTunes and IndieRhythm.

This album features Johnny DeFrancesco, guitar and vocals; Glenn Ferracone, drums; Paul Klinefelter, bass; and Joey DeFrancesco, organ.


Margot Lovett, on, says, "...all the elements of a great summer concert: wind and sun, food and fun, head bobbin along ... swing dancin in the grass. Gas up the car, time for the "Red Van Ride." This CD is all of that - thanks!"

Anita, on, says, "First and foremost I have been a faithful listener of WPFW 89.3FM (Washington DC) the "DA GATOR" show for over 30 years!! He played a cut "Take That Off" from this wonderful CD. Not only is that cut awesome but the whole CD is just great. If the Gator plays it I usually buy it. He has very good taste in music. This is my kind of jazz and I love the Hammond Organ. These brothers got plenty of soul! Thank you to the DeFrancesco Brothers for a wonderful CD."